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As promised, I have a better photo of the Venezia Pullover, this time with a person inside!DSCN1053 It is not, however, all that well exposed. I do have photos that show the sweater off a bit better, but they have other issues, as you can see here.

This was a “stretch” project for me, one that I’ve had in mind to do for about a year. I made three pairs of mittens, all using stranded colorwork, to prepare for this, and paid attention any time I ran across anything talking about Fair Isle, steeking, sweater finishing, color theory, and a few other topics. It came out OK. It is the right size, I didn’t have to rip out excessive amounts of knitting at any time, and everyone who sees it goes a little nuts. If I make it again, I’ll do a few things differently, of course. I’ll shorten up the armholes considerably and add a few more decreases at the beginning of the armholes on the front, as I seem to have a bit of extra fabric in that area. I think that it will be OK on Mom. I might also set in the sleeves differently. I mattress seamed the sleeves, and the mattress seam is perfectly smooth, a bit too much so – when I look at it, I want to see some more definition, around the sleeve cap especially. DSCN1064I am happy, however, with the change that I made to the neckline, which I converted to a rounder boatneck.

The sweater is lovely. The colors (I ordered the suggested colors from the pattern) are nice and the pattern is complex and engaging without being tear-your-hair out difficult. I was less than pleased with the amounts of yarn which the pattern called for; as I noted in a previous post, I totally ran out of one color with about 40 rows to go. While the steeking instruction and accompanying article were quite elaborate and detailed, I could have used a bit more instruction on setting in and seaming the sleeves.

I am also of two minds regarding the care that this garment is going to require. The first time I washed and blocked it, I didn’t block the shoulder section just right, so when I wore the sweater out, it tended to ride up on my shoulders and look funny. I re-blocked it, tugging the shoulders out quite a bit. Then, after it dried, I had to steam the collar to make it lay flat (it wants to stick out a bit) and also steam out part of the shoulder section which I had blocked too far. In other words, it was tricky to block right. This sweater is for my mother, who tends to be more of a take-it-to-the-dry-cleaner person, so this concerns me. The dry cleaners aren’t going to take the time and care necessary to block it out at all, and solvent cleaning solutions aren’t going to do the fabric or the steeks any good – it won’t wear well at all. I’m putting it in the mail in a day or two, but I think that I’ll draw up a diagram for blocking and some explicit washing instructions first.


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