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Last year, I made four Christmas stockings for a client. This fall, she called me again, needing another stocking for her daughter’s new baby. She was so nice to work for last year, so of course I said I would do this one as well!

It was a bit of a rush job, because I wanted to get it out the door before leaving for Thanksgiving break. That way she could have it before Advent started, and I wouldn’t have to lug 6 balls of yarn around during my Thanksgiving travel. She wanted to do a little bit of the work herself and is good at duplicate stitch and finishing work, so she asked me to leave the area for the name blank, and also to leave off Santa’s facial features. So, Santa is still lacking eyes, a nose and a mouth, although he has his wonderfully wild, fluffy beard! She will add some bells, seam up the back, line the inside, and add a hanger.

The beard this year is made from synthetic “fun fur.” Last year’s beards were made from angora. I normally have a strong preference for natural fibers, but I must admit that for this use, I liked the fun fur much better! It was lots easier to work with, and Santa’s beard has a wild, wavy aspect that I find appealing.


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