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Twelve inches of the Venezia pullover, done. Another few inches, a whole ‘nother sleeve, and the body still to go. I haven’t done any complex Fair Isle work before, so this requires my total concentration. Given that my husband is prone to jumping up and down on the couch and yelling at the television whenever either football or hockey is on, total concentration has been a bit hard to come by in the past few weeks, so I’m quite pleased with my progress so far.

Before I ordered the yarn for this sweater, I did a search to see what other knitters had to say about the pattern. Everyone said the same thing, and I’m joining the chorus: The colors won’t photograph well. On the computer monitor, the look totally different from real life. When I get a bit more done, I might try taking some photos with my SLR film camera that doesn’t oversaturate the colors so much.


My next Fair Isle sweater, all ready to go. Once again, the colors aren’t showing up right. Frustrating. They really do look very nice in person. That orange skein in the middle, for example, is more of a heathered topaz. One of my friends thinks that I need another light pattern color, but I think that the project is complicated enough. These are for the Owl Eyes Fair Isle Pullover, from Sweaters from a New England Village.


Simple socks, in a plain dark green, for my husband, who is neither simple nor plain, but likes his socks that way.


And, last, an early Christmas gift for me, courtesy of some early Christmas money from my mother. My knitting no longer will be carried around in a beat-up old freebie convention tote!


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