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Many thanks to the kind folks who have commented, emailed, and given me in person some good bike routes around town! I’ve been having lots of fun, zipping around without being stuck in traffic, and exploring new routes. Now, if I could only figure out how to reduce and balance the 40 lbs of stuff I haul around to 5 different schools every week…

On the knitting front, the border on the Lightweight Mountain Peaks shawl is progressing.DSCN1119 It has reached the stage where it looks a bit like a strange sea creature. I have other things in progress, of course; socks and another sweater are both well underway. However, they are not so photogenic.

There is a reason why all of my knitting is progressing so slowly this week. The reason is that last weekend, out of the clear blue sky, a spinning wheel fell on me.

DSCN1120 Ok, not really, although it feels like it. Here’s the story:

Last fall, I learned how to spin, using a drop spindle. Since then, I’ve been slowly spinning away as the mood struck. Spindling can be a very peaceful way to spend a morning while camping, or a nice activity to keep myself occupied while something cooks on the stove. I have two very nice spindles, and a very funny plying set-up that involves my dining room chandelier.

Then, last week, an email popped up in my inbox, from a knitting friend who had a question for me. Could I use a spinning wheel? she wanted to know. She had a wheel on loan from a very nice friend of hers, but no longer had need of it, so it was decided that she would pass the wheel on to another spinner – lucky me! So, instead of dutifully knitting away on my projects, I’ve been having fun on the new spinning wheel.

And now, more fun with DPNs. Since I’ve gotten the knack of anchoring a bun DSCN1131 with a size 9 bamboo DPN, I’ve been having fun trying out new hairstyles that use hairsticks. This one is an “orchid” bun. I’ve also heard it called a “cervix” bun, but I don’t see it. Anyway, it is another type of bun that really stays put – I wore it this way for about 12 hours the other day, and if barely shifted the whole day.


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