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This is the Lisianthus shawl. The pattern was written by Rosemary Hill, who also makes fabulous shawl pins.

This pattern was a real treat to knit. Just challenging enough to engage my attention, but not so difficult that I couldn’t have the TV on. Actually, I watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica on Hulu while knitting this, at least 20 episodes. I feel like I should name the shawl after one of the characters at this point.

The yarn is Love Potion No. 3 from TheGossamerWeb, on Etsy. I got two shawls out of this skein! Although, I did run out of yarn while binding off this one. I had to pick out 3/4 of the bindoff, tink back two rows, and then bind off after the next-to-last purl side row. I did a little rewriting of the chart in order to do this, but it worked out just fine. If anyone reading this has the same issue, leave a comment and I’ll scan and email my revised chart to you.

Because I knew that yarn would be tight, I subbed size 6 silver-blue beads for the nupps called for in the pattern. In addition to saving on yarn (nupps use a ton of yarn, beads do not) the beads also weigh down the shawl a bit. This is a good thing. This yarn is so light and airy that it doesn’t really want to drape; it floats around in the slightest puff of air. The beads give it just enough weight to drape nicely without stretching out the pattern, and as you can see from the photos the shawl still flutters nicely in a good breeze.

This was my 27th lace shawl. It’s been a while since I kept one for myself. This one is staying with me. I love it!


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