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While posting about the other socks yesterday, I forgot to include my husband’s new green socks!

DSCN10011 Knit with Knitpick’s Essentials, in a nice dark green color, on 1.5 mm needles. I forget the actual color name. This is the second pair which I have made for him out of Essentials. He really seems to like the feel of the yarn, it holds up extremely well in the wash, it has plenty of yardage (after knitting a size 11 men’s sock with a 7″ cuff, I still had plenty left over from each ball) and it’s cheap! cheap! cheap! So, there will be more Essentials in both of our futures. I think that I’ll order undyed yarn for his next pair, so he can still have a nice plain color that he likes, and I can work on my dyeing skills.

He’s quite happy with his new socks, and was very nice about posing for photos. This weekend, he even made me an apple pie! What a nice man.



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