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By Request


I just don’t have the time to take all of the careful photographs and fuss around with the blog post editor these days, which is why I’ve all but stopped posting to this blog. However, I had a request to put up some photos of a recent project, so here we are.

I was honored by a request to make a piece of lace for my church’s main altar this summer. The piece was designed collaboratively with our music director, who  also heads up the art and environment department (along with coordinating all of the lay ministers, publishing the worship aids, herding the choir, playing the organ, and who knows what else… he’s simply amazing and we absolutely do not pay him enough).

Here are the IMG_1018swatches that made it far enough to deserve consideration. Although we ended up choosing a commercial linen yarn, I also experimented with some Habu stainless steel double-stranded with handspun gossamer weight silk. I just loved the steel/silk and be using that combo for a project down the road.

The piece is 13 feet long, Blocking the lace was a bit of a logistical challenge in my tiny house. I lined up my blocking mats in the hallway and we flipped the whole thing up on its side overnight so the cat wouldn’t destroy it.


Blocking the lace in my hallway. It was 13′ long by 6.5″ wide.

One of the ladies from the choir sewed the lace to the backing. She did a great job!


The blocked lace, not yet sewn to its backing.


Decorating for Christmas!

It was such an honor to do this project. After all of the trouble with my vision over the past 18 months, being asked to make a piece of lace for the church felt like a sign from Heaven. God has blessed me beyond anything I asked for.


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