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Rhodion Shawl

This is the Rhodion lace shawl, from the Fall 2011 issue of Knitty. I always love Elizabeth Freeman’s designs.

This is also the last of my sample knitting for Rain. This yarn is called “Marie” and the color is “Cibolo.” I’m in love with this color; the camera really doesn’t do it justice.

Can you see the nupps? They don’t exactly jump out.

This pattern was challenging to knit. The cable crossings take serious attention. I strongly recommend working them without a cable needle. Otherwise this project would take forever. If I reknit this, I might take out the nupps. They’re barely visible and don’t look their best at the gauge that works best for the cables.

This shawl was also interesting to block. I’m not entirely happy with how the ends blocked out. I was in a hurry that day and could have done them better. I think that I will re-block this shawl before I send it along to its recipient.

It’s bigger than me!

The other things about this shawl is that it is HUGE! It makes a very generous wrap. The yarn is mostly alpaca, so this will be very warm.

I was excited about knitting this project in a way that I haven’t been excited about my knitting in a long time. I think that maybe I’ve been knitting too many easy things, and that I need to push my technical skills a little more to keep myself happy.

Missed a cable crossing. Oh well.


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Sneak Peak

More photos to come!

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