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I’ve been wanting to knit Anne Hanson’s Alhambra Scarf for some time. This winter, I cracked open a skein of cashmere and silk, and finally got around to it.

 What a fun little pattern. Just enough to be interesting without taking up too much mental capacity.

Except that, when I went to take it off of the blocking wires, an extra hole opened up. Must’ve dropped a stitch somewhere.

No, it’s not supposed to look like this.

I could just go in and do the repair, but it’s in a really obvious spot near the end. So, now I’m going to rip out the last couple of repeats and re-do that section. Not a big deal – maybe three hours of work – but annoying, because I thought that I was done with this project.


9/7/12: Edited to add some photos of the finished scarf.

All fixed!

I always love blocking out lace.


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