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Cookies, mmmmm.

My annual Christmas gift to my local friends, church, husband’s work and anyone who will accept a plate:




I always make chocolate chip cookies, from my Aunt Margaret’s recipe. She was such a good cook. I really miss her chicken and noodles.

This year I tried raspberry bars for the first time. They don’t look like much but they are pretty tasty. I doubt that I’ll do them again on a cookie plate – too crumbly.


These with the icing are non-traditional lebkutchen. It’s a recipe that I found in Cooking Light a few years ago. Several people requested that I make these again – they are so yummy!




Pecan sandies using pecans from our trees (hurray!) and round windmill cookies. I don’t own the fancy windmill cookie molds, so you have to use your imagination. (Anyone wanna buy me a Christmas gift?)



More windmill cookies, because my recipe makes a lot, and chocolate espresso crinkles.



The chocolate espresso crinkles are addictive. They are probably my favorite out of the lot.

Now to go and deliver all of these cookies! I have 375 cookies in my living room!


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OK, anyone who knows me knows well that I am far from a product/name brand shill. But, I got this packet in the mail today and wanted to share…

For anyone who’s not already in the know, Classic Elite Yarns is having a “Love Your Shop” Giveaway. Details are on their blog here – I think that there are still a few days left on the promotion.

I happened to go and get a few things from Hill Country Weavers just a day or two after they announced the giveaway, so I sent off my receipt early on. My packet came today, and it’s quite a nice little goodie pack!

(Sorry for the poorly lit photo. Finals start at 7 AM tomorrow, and I need to study more than I need to spend 1/2 hour setting up nice photos.)


The pattern booklet has projects in a range of gauges, with some seriously adorable sock and fingerless mitt patterns. I have to wonder if they looked at my receipt and gave me stuff that was similar to what I had purchased that day, because the pattern booklet and sample yarns are just my style. Score!

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