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While posting about the other socks yesterday, I forgot to include my husband’s new green socks!

DSCN10011 Knit with Knitpick’s Essentials, in a nice dark green color, on 1.5 mm needles. I forget the actual color name. This is the second pair which I have made for him out of Essentials. He really seems to like the feel of the yarn, it holds up extremely well in the wash, it has plenty of yardage (after knitting a size 11 men’s sock with a 7″ cuff, I still had plenty left over from each ball) and it’s cheap! cheap! cheap! So, there will be more Essentials in both of our futures. I think that I’ll order undyed yarn for his next pair, so he can still have a nice plain color that he likes, and I can work on my dyeing skills.

He’s quite happy with his new socks, and was very nice about posing for photos. This weekend, he even made me an apple pie! What a nice man.



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One of the Ann-trelac socks is done! Well, I still need to graft the toe. The second sock is well underway.

DSCN1003 As my husband is probably tired of hearing, entrelac is quite fun. First, you make a little block. The little block takes all of about 2 minutes. How satisfying, to finish something in 2 minutes! So then, you make another little block… and another… and another… and pretty soon it’s time for supper, and nothing is thawed out, and I have no idea why the program that is on the television is on, except that I was watching something else on that channel an hour or two ago, but I have rows and rows of nice little blocks, so it’s all OK, right?

The yarn – Schaffer Ann – is quite comfy, and I made the sock a little large, so it is quite snuggly and roomy. I’ve held off on grafting the toe, just to be sure that I’ll have enough yarn for the second sock. I’m fairly sure that I do, but just in case I don’t, it will be easy to rip back and rework the foot portion of the first sock just a tad smaller if I haven’t done the grafting yet.

More on the sock front: I finally got around to buying New Pathways for Sock Knitters. What a fun little book. I spent a large part of yesterday working up the first demonstration sock. Actually, I made a pair, and I have enough yarn left DSCN1008 over to make a matching hat. I’m thinking that I’ll embroider some little flowers or something on them, and then the next time anyone has a baby girl, I’ll have something ready!

The book is gives some very specific, non-standard instructions for some rather standard techniques, so the first demonstration sock was a bit of a pain in the tail end to work. However, the results were totally worth it. Check out the short rows on this heel:


I stayed up until midnight reading the rest of the book. I’m still working on Venezia, I swear I am, just not yesterday.

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DSCN0997 Now, two sleeves and a hem! (and one row of colorwork.) Other knitters who have blogged about this pattern have reported the bottom hem to be quite tedious. Although I didn’t think that it was too terribly awful, I am glad that it’s done. Now, onward and upward.

I talked about my Anntrelac socks in my last post. Since then, I’ve discovered that I somehow have nine little tilting blocks in each row, instead of the eight called for in the pattern. I tried the now 3″ long sock cuff on, however, and decided to leave it as it is, because it fits me quite nicely. I’ve done enough top-down socks to depart from the pattern, anyway. The challenge, of course, will be to replicate my mistake on the second sock. I might start that sock sooner rather than later, just in case I can’t make it come out the same way and need to frog the cuff I already have.

In other news, for interested friends, family, and random Internet strangers who have all been following my health: I’ve only had 2 migraines in the last 30 days! I’m also not having nearly so much daily pain. The new preventative meds from the neurologist seem to be working pretty well. My husband and I actually went to a movie last night! We had to miss quite a few movies that we wanted to see last year (the sound made my head hurt worse; I’ve also missed quite a bit of church for the same reason) so this is a Big Deal. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that this continues to work so well.

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Of course, now all I have to do is knit the body, and, of course, run in what feels like a million ends. However, I’m quite happy that the Venezia sweater is progressing so quickly and smoothly.


DSCN0993 The Lightweight Mountain Peaks Shawl is also progressing, a bit slower of course. I’ve reached the point where I would be really unhappy if I were to make a mistake and have to rip the whole thing out, so I ran a lifeline. I’m generally careful to run lifelines every so often, although oddly enough, I’ve never actually used one.

I’ve also been working on the Anntrelac socks, from the Interweave Knits 2007 Holiday issue. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the pattern (I can’t seem to find it quickly to link to) it uses the entrelac technique, which looks like woven chunks of knitting, for the sock cuff. Basically, it looks like one has combined knitting with basketweaving. It’s a neat little effect, and I got to learn how to knit backwards in the bargain. DSCN0994

This little trick reminds me of something my college horn professor used to say, regarding lip trills, multiphonics and other special, extra-musical effects. “It’s a cheap charlatan’s trick. It’s not really a skill, just a little trick,” at which point I would remind him that it’s still fun to do!

Vacation photos are still forthcoming, sorry. Our scanner has declined to scan my lovely film photos, so it’s just going to have to wait until I happen by a Kinko’s or some other place with a decent flatbed scanner.

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